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Serious about Yoga?

Lots of yoga, just a little goat.   

You want me to bend... HOW?

Beginner to advanced, take it at your pace. 

Just here for the snuggles?

The goats won't complain if yoga isn't your cup of tea. 

We'd love to meet you!

Our event hosting is handled though EventBrite. This will allow you to check in with your cell phone or you can print your tickets if you'd like. We will send out an email to all registered guests before the start of each session with detailed directions (GPS doesn't always like our address) and a few tips for class. If there is a weather cancellation you can use your ticket for any other event that is not sold out for up to a year. Just bring your existing ticket with you. 

Our class sessions are $20 plus the eventbrite fees (sorry, cant do much there). This amount goes to the yoga instructor, our photogrpaher and goat helpers. All proceeds go right back to the animals.

2018 Schedule

All of our classes are held outdoors so we are at the mercy of Mother Nature as to when the ground wont be too cold or soggy to yoga on! That being said April to beginning of November is our normal season. We add classes to our list pretty regularly, so please check back to see what dates will accommodate your schedule.

Please take note that fundraiser classes are open to the public 

August 18th 10am

August 19th Sunset Yoga class at 7:30 (come as early as 6pm and bring a picnic)

August 24th  Goat Yoga 6:00 

August 25th Shippensburg Univ Alumni Private Event

August 31st 6pm

Sept 1 10 am

Sept 8th Night on the Farm with Hauser Winery. Classes are at 4:30 and 6:30 Open to the public from 4-8

Sept 29 10am

Sept 30 Sunset Yoga class at 6:30, come as early as 5:00 with a picnic

Adding more soon!

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Interested in a class not yet listed on EventBrite?  Email us at