Class Offerings

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Basic Information



DO: Bring a towel or yoga mat. We will have a few extras if one is needed

DO: first stop in the small red barn in the driveway (our soap shop) to check in and sign your release form

DO: wear your hair up in a bun or ponytail, goats like to nibble on hair!

DO: bring your camera. We will happily take photos for you after the yoga session if you'd like

DO: feel free to stay after the class. We will be on-site to answer any questions you may have. You may also just hang out with the goats for a bit if you'd like

DO: raise your hand during the session if the goats are at all bothering you and one of us will come to your rescue.

DO: bring water with you. Will likely be hot, we kindly ask that you take your trash with you.

DO: bring sunscreen and/or bugspray, just please be mindful of your neighbor when applying



DON'T: chase the goats, ever. Goats are prey animals and being chased isn't a game for them, it scares them. We will ask you to leave if this rule is not followed, our animals come first

DONT: bring food for the goats, we provide plenty for them, believe me!!😊

DONT: open gates or climb fences

DONT: bring your pups, we respectfully ask you to leave your furbabies at home




What type of goats do you have? We raise a few types of dairy goats. Mainly Nubians and now have added a group of Nigerian Dwarfs. The babies born this year and some of the female adults will be our special guests of the classes

Do goats bite? Well anything with teeth has the capacity to bite. Goats don't have top teeth except in the back. So they may nibble but usually won't put holes in clothing

Do I have to participate in the class? Nope! You will not offend our instructors at all if you just want to spend your class session just being with the goats.

What happens if the weather is bad? We will post on the facebook page if the class has been cancelled. You will then have first choice of another date (except sold out dates) to take your class

How big are the classes? Classes are limited to 45 two-legged participants and pre-registration is required.  

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Hope this helps!! Anything we may have missed, please don't hesitate to ask